Hope Nix

May 5, 2012 in Country

Hope Nix - Thank You For Breaking My Heart

Website: http://www.hopenix.com

Country music singer/songwriter, Hope Nix, was born and raised in Edmond, Oklahoma. She made her move to Nashville at just 19 to become completely immersed in its creative environment. She was immediately inspired. The song ideas began to flow. She started playing out and at writers’ nights on a regular basis, honing her writing, vocal and performance skills. She devoted all her to working harder as a writer and artist.

All that hard work resulted in Thank You For Breaking My Heart an 12-song CD produced by Preston Sullivan and recorded at Omni Sound Studios in Nashville. Each song is a revealing and personal moment in time of a young woman’s life’s experiences, thus far. The title track is an ironic expression of gratitude for an unwanted break up. “Drive Me Wild” is a toes-tapping-on-the-windshield country ride. “Prince Not So Charming” is a tongue-in-cheek, sassy delivery reminiscent of today’s favorite female singers. There are plenty of favorites to choose from on this album; especially the stirring ballad “This Letter,” which is destined to be a career-making song for Hope either as an artist or songwriter. “This Letter” was co-written with Steven J. Williams. All songs on Thank You For Breaking My Heart were written or co-written by Hope Nix.

Hope’s dad is an attorney, and her mother owned a day care business. She has an older sister and brother designating her the baby of the family – a position she adores. “I have always loved being the center of attention, which gave me the confidence to believe in myself. I’ve been singing since I was three.” Her mom, recognizing Hope’s singing talent, quickly signed her up for voice lessons, and had her performing publicly in nursing homes and churches.

Hope’s free time is spent catching up with friends, reading fashion magazines, shopping and cleaning house. “I’m a clothes freak, and I enjoy shopping a little too much (I get that from my mama). Of course, I’m a neat freak, so I do make sure my house is nice, cozy, and clean at all times. A day does not go by that I haven’t been to Starbucks. Evening time rolls around and I’m most likely writing or out singing at a writers’ night. I call myself a grandma when it comes to going to sleep, because I like going to sleep at a decent hour, which is apparently weird for a 21-year-old.

“The greatest compliment anyone could give me is that a song I’ve written really related to them; whether it is a break-up song, a falling in love song, or just a song about life in general – nothing could put a bigger smile on my face. I write from my own personal experience, and always hoping there’s a connection…that people can relate. I write country music and I sing about life.”

What’s next for Hope Nix? She says, “I want to make a video! I want to be on the radio! I want a record deal! I want to travel, work hard, and meet people. I want to perform on and win awards from the CMA, ACM, AMA…everything. Any of these awards are true testaments to the focus and dedication I have for my career. I know I’m doing everything right to make my dreams come true.”

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