Hazel Kinder

May 14, 2012 in Gospel

Hazel Kinder - Divine Weaver

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Hazel is a singer, song writer and inspirational speaker. She performs at, owns and operates “Hazel Kinder’s Lighthouse Theater,” a state of the art music theater, near Columbia, MO. She has traveled extensively singing and speaking throughout the US as a conference speaker, appearing on TV and Radio stations, sharing her music and inspiring story of hope and courage.

Hazel Kinder is a farm girl from Paris, MO. Behind her toothy smile is a happy heart full of love and concern for the hurting. She understands the sorrow of great loss. For thirteen years she cared for her three terminally ill children. A journey that seems unbelievable, yet it is the life that she has lived, and lived victoriously. The struggles, the hurts, the tears, and the joys that have enriched her faith are the inspiration of her music.

Her CD “Divine Weaver A Tapestry of Songs” is her first recording project which includes eight original songs. Although it was recorded in her barn with local musicians, The Singing News Magazine gave it a AAA rating. Divine Weaver the first song on the CD, was inspired by a poem “A Tapestry of My Life.” A friend mailed it to Hazel shortly after David, her oldest son’s passing. The words so deeply moved Hazel that she read the poem everyday to her son Paul who also loved it. Not long after “ta da” the song came to life.

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